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Past Workshops:

Inventing Humanity in Public Health (Presented by Dr. Nazeera Dawood on Feb 23, 2014) .... Webinar Video >>

Mind Maps - a learning tool for doctors (Presented by: Dr. Puneet Gupta on February 16, 2014) ... Webinar Video >>

- How to Get Published? (Presented by: Dr. Jaspreet S. Brar on September 17, 2011) Details >>

- What makes a patient call it quits: smoking and heart attack (Presented by: Dr. Nazeera Dawood on September 10, 2011) Details >>

- Effective Scientific Writing (Presented by: Dr. Hematram Yadav)

- Meta-Analysis (Presented by: Dr. Jaspreet S. Brar)

- Health Risk Assessments and Return on Investment (HRAs and ROI) (Presented by: Dr. Yann A. Meunier)

- Enhancing learning through discerning digital skill  (Presented by: Dr. Syed Tajuddin Syed Hassan)

- Barriers to Immunization in developed countries and developing countries (Presented by: Dr. Monica Gaidhane)

- Evidence Based Medicine (Presented by: Dr. Jaspreet S. Brar)


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