Vol 6, Issue 04 DECEMBER, 2015                 




Case Report Typhoid Fever at PGI Cikini Hospital, Jakarta: Is It Typhoid Fever?

Muhammad Firman Akbar1#, Yessie Hulwatul Ilmi2, Maulidya Aulia Fiqriyana3

pp. 2600-2602



Impact of Clinical Pharmacist Education on Knowledge of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) Among Pregnant Women

Lavanya S1*, Jeevana Jyothi B2, Lochana G1, Minu Kurian1, Surya Renjan1, Sruthi P Jose1, Krishna Kumar D1

pp. 2603-2608


Marshallese Mobile Screening Clinic Project (MMSCP)

Mok Thoong Chong1, Shanele S. Shimabuku2, Chris Lai Hipp2, Cassie L. Kim2

pp. 2609-2614


Introduction to Poisoning; A Systematic Review

Sumbria Tarlok*, Sharma Amit1, Prabhakar Shina1, Kosey, Sourabh1, Devgan Shalini2

pp. 2615-2619


Role of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) and Cytokines in Vascular Dementia: A Review

Sunil Bansal1, Shamsher Singh*1, Amit Sharma2

pp. 2620-2629


A Prospective Study on Drug Utilization Evaluation of Corticosteroids among Outpatients of Teaching Hospital

 Pradeep Kumar Thakur1*, Ayesha Majid1, M. Shramik1 And Shiv Kumar2

pp. 2630-2634


Treatment of Snake Bite in India: A Review

Durgadas Anghore*1, Amit Sharma1, Shamsher Singh1, Sourabh Kosey1, Shammy Jindal2

pp. 2635-2641



The Wound Healing Action of Kakawati Gel from Gliricidia sepium (Jacques) Steudel (Family Fabaceae)

Rogie Royce Carandang*, Kristal Cielo Buemio, Adelaine Lopez

pp. 2642-2649




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