Vol 4, Issue 4, 2013 December                  





Glimpse of usage of antimicrobial agents and its unwanted effects.

Zubair Khalid Labu, Khurshid Jahan, Afsana Afrin

zubair.labu@yahoo.com                                                         pp. 768-774


Evaluation of the Amount and Context of Medical Humanities Incorporation into School of Pharmacy Curricula in the United States

Jamie L. McConaha, Amanda Liszewski, Meredith Palko, Lanette Sipple, Kallyn Westfall

mcconahaj@duq.edu                                                              pp. 775-779


A Study on the Barriers to Lifelong Learning among Filipino Pharmacists

Roderick Salenga, Arianne Diane Aninon

ericsalenga@gmail.com                                                          pp. 780-786


Job Satisfaction among Faculty Members in the Colleges of Pharmacy in Metro Manila, Philippines

Monet M. Loquias, Erlyn A. Sana

monet.loquias@gmail.com                                           pp. 787-792





Development and validation of HPLC method for determination of pantoprazole in pantoprazole pellets

Ognjenka Rahić, Edina Vranić, Indira Mujezin, Jasmina Hadžiabdić, Alisa Elezović

orahic@gmail.com                                                                  pp. 793 -796


Computational Study Of 2-Aminothiazole As Antiprion Lead Compound In The Treatment Of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease Using An Approach Model Of Hansch Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship And Toxicity Prediction

Deden Indra Dinata, Rika Rendrika, Hendy Pryanda

denindra@stfb.ac.id                                                                                    pp.797-805


Novel Approach of Nanotechnology

Gajanan Shinde, Rajesh KS

swa14aug@gmail.com                                                            pp. 806-810


A Review on Collagen based Drug Delivery Systems

Vikash Chak, Dharmendra Kumar, Sharad Visht

vikashchak@gmail.com                                                          pp. 811-820





Current Practices and Perceptions on Pharmaceutical Care of Hospital Pharmacists in Metro Manila

Agaceta, Cristan C, Diano, Gilberto T,Lintag, Patriz Miga P, Loquias, Monet M.

yki.stan@gmail.com                                                               pp. 821-825      


Assessment of the knowledge and practice of health care professionals towards diabetes care in Mukalla, Yemen

Salmeen D. Babelgaith, Mohd Baidi, Saeed Alfadly

drsalmeen@yahoo.com                                                            pp. 826-831


Are Patients Willing To Ask For Generic Drug Substitutions?

Andi Hermansyah, Umi Athiyah, Catur Dian Setiawan, Mufarrihah

andi_surabaya_keren@yahoo.co.id                                        pp. 832-837


Clinical Research: Medication errors and its root cause analysis in multispecialty Hospital.

Chaital Nikhil Shah, Nilay Solanki

chaits473@gmail.com                                                            pp. 838-843


Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus - Patient Demographics, Risk Factors, Complications and Management: A Cross Sectional Field Survey

Karthikeyan Vijayakumar, Sundaramoorthi Nainar Murugesan, Dhandapani Chidambaram, Archana Sreekantan Nair, Saji Vijayan

sundaramurugesan@lupinpharma.com                                   pp. 844- 849


Pharmacists’ Roles in the Management of Hyponatremia in Patients with Heart Failure

Saepudin, Lexin Wang, Patrick A. Ball

saepudin@uii.ac.id                                                             pp. 850-857





Evaulation of the Anti Inflammatary Activity of Desmodium Triangulare (Retz.) Merr. Root

R.S.Jayaseelan, Fijesh P.Vijayan, Brindha Suresh .V1, Jose Padikkala

jseelanrs@gmail.com                                                              pp. 858-862


Combined Effects of Noni Fruit Extract (Morinda Citrifolia L.) and Warfarin on Bleeding and Coagulation Time of Mice

Ketut Widyani Astuti, Luh Putu Febryana Larasanty

febryana_larasanty@yahoo.com                                             pp. 863-866


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