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Postgraduate courses in clinical pharmacy in Pakistan

Muhammad Umair Khan

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Empowering Malaysian Pharmacy Students in a Private University to Counsel for Nonprescription Drug Therapy

Saraswathi Simansalam1

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Perspectives on a Return Service Agreement Program for Pharmacy Students

Paul Marvin T. Quizon*

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An Ontological Study on Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Academics) in India

Dibyajyoti Saha*1 and Swati Paul 1

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Effect of Cytotoxic Medications (MTX, Cisplatin, 5 FU and cyclophosphamide against creatinine clearance Patient Relationships and Creatinine clearance Urea with Cancer Patients

Diana Laila Ramatillah1, Syed Wasif Gillani2, Muslim Suardi3

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Knowledge, attitude and practice evaluation of newly diagnosed diabetes patients-A baseline study from Nepal

Dinesh K Upadhyay,1, 2. Mohamed Izham M.I.,3.V.M Alurkar, 4. Pranaya Mishra, M.Pharm, 5. Subish Palaian, 6

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A Study on Assessment, Monitoring and Documentation of Adverse Drug Reactions

S.Yamini Padmaja and Sivanandy Palanisamy*

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Physicians’ Opinion about the Role of Pharmacist in the Health Care System of Pakistan

Najia Rahim,

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A Comparative Study Of In-Process And Finished Products Quality Control Tests For Ophthalmic Products In Different Pharmacopoeias

N. Srujana, Pooja M. Balachandra*, M.P. Venkatesh, Balamuralidhara V, T.M. Pramod Kumar

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Chicken Intestine An Alternative Isolated Preparation In Experimental Pharmacology

Mahesh B. Narkhede, Nilesh M. Mahajan, Prashant V. Ajmire, Mangesh S. Jonwal

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Antifungal Activity of Ethanol Extract of Pouzolzia zeylanica (L.) Benn

*Dibyajyoti Saha1 and Swati Paul1

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Agrobacterium  Mediated  Genetic  Transformation Of  Eggplant (Solanum Melongena L.)

Md. Shamim Akhter1,  Asif Ahamed1 , M. Monzur Hossain2

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