has recently studied the most stressful jobs in America and ranked them based on 21 different factors that could cause stress on the job.

The study not only ranks “America’s Most Stressful Jobs in 2010″ but also looks into specific characteristics for these jobs such as unemployment rate, working hours per day,level of time pressure, and level of competition for employment.

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America's Most Stressful Jobs in 2010

Below is the listing of the top 10 most stressful jobs in the United States in 2010:

1. Firefighter

2. Corporate Executive

3. Taxi Driver

4. Surgeon

5. Police Officer

6. Commercial Pilot

7. Highway Patrol Officer

8. Public Relations Officer

9. Advertising Executive

10. Real Estate Agent

Source: CNBC


The fact that only one healthcare-related job (namely, surgeon) is listed among the top 10 stressful jobs is also considerable.

Open Discussion: What do you think about this ranking? Do you think any other job should be listed in the top 10 list? Do you believe that a ranking for most stressful jobs in your country would include the same jobs listed here or is there (in your opinion) any other job which is more stressful in your country?

  1. Butt Doctor says:

    CNN must have interviewed white collar workers on their lunch break…I don’t think this constitutes a representative sample

  2. asdfjieieie says:

    My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right. Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. shravani says:

    i think being a surgeon is the most stressfull job coz saving a life is more complicated than driving a taxi …..

  4. Shubhangi Arora says:

    Well, that list definitely does not apply to my country (India) …. surgeons are one of the less stressed out doctors here… gynaecologists, physicians, paediatricians would top the list …. Even neurosurgery may be a more stressful branch… especially in my college…

  5. Mostafa says:

    I so agree. Definitely an ER physician/nurse faces lots and lots of stress. I’m also wondering how a taxi driver might face more stress than them!!! :-O

  6. mojdeh jamali says:

    i’m thinking is a real state agent work more stressfull than an ER doctor or nurse????
    i think it is not an accurate one!!!!
    this time cnbc have done a big mistake i think.