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Family Doctors

A family doctor is a doctor who takes care of the whole family. Family doctors may hold one of the following medical degrees, either M.D., MBBS, MBChB, etc or D.O. degree. Physician who specialize in family medicine (also known as a family physician), however, must complete a three-year family medicine residency in addition to their medical degree, and are eligible for the board certification now required by most hospitals and health plans.

Family doctors create caring relationships with patients and their families. They really get know their patients. They listen to them and help them make the right health care decisions.


Family doctors take care of the physical, mental and emotional health of both their patients and their patients' families. They know the family's health history and how it can affect them. They are trained to care for family members through all the stages of their lives.

Family doctors are trained in all areas of medicine. They can diagnose and treat the full range of problems people usually bring to their doctors. They know when to treat you, and, if necessary, when to bring in another specialist you can trust.

Although you might not have any health problems, but it is recommended to have family doctor; because, they are specially trained in preventive medicine. It is believed that preventing a health problem is better than having to overcome one. So, family doctors can help you make the right health choices to keep you and your family healthy.


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